No confidence — in the Democrats

The failed vote of no confidence in Alberto Gonzales
emphasizes why the Democrats have been, and are, so ineffective.
That he is incompetent, dishonest and undermines our legal
system is clear to everyone, including the Republicans.
That George Bush allows him to remain despite this, and
despite the wish of even the Republicans that he leave,
shows contempt for our legal system (thus the country he
leads), for honesty, for his own party, for everyone
except himself. This is quite normal for him, that is what George Bush is. Yet the Republicans are quite happy to join him in showing
contempt, even for themselves. But this also is standard. Their interest is preventing their leader (something that should be
emphasized again and again) from losing a vote. Why?
Ignoring morality and honesty (which again should be
emphasized continually) they don’t care because they know
that they will not pay a price for what they do. That is the
problem. Suppose they knew that what they do will hurt
them and the party in the future, that they will pay a political price
(preferably severe). They would act very differently. But
they are, for good reason, quite confident that the
Democrats will not exploit their misconduct. The
Democrats are too incompetent to do so.

How can this be used against them? Here only one aspect is
considered. It would be a nice start. But of course the
whole issue will soon be forgotten.

It is clear that one reason for the firing of the U.S. attorneys
is their refusal to use the legal system to help
Republicans steal elections, something the party has a long
history of doing. The results have been disastrous for the

Obviously the Democrats should be screaming about this
for the next year and a half. Obviously they will not.
Suppose the Republicans knew they were going to do so.
Would their behavior, not only on this issue, be different?
Obviously the Republicans do not have to worry.


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