The Microsoft antitrust settlement

It seems that there will be an anti-trust settlement with Microsoft so that it will not have an unfair advantage over Google. It leaves it however with an unfair advantage over computer users (who do not have the resources that Google has to protect themselves).  Is Microsoft a monopoly? Obviously. Does that lead to poorer products? Obviously. Granted (if we must) that nothing improper was done to give a monopoly it still hurts. Can anything be done? Yes. Will anything be done? Unfortunately no.

Consider for example the number of wordprocessors on the market. How many are there? Are these the best possible ones? There is a wordprocessor that, in many ways is far superior to WORD. It is XyWrite. It is however a DOS program. It cannot even be run under the latest implementations of Windows. Microsoft designs its operating systems to make anything but the most recent versions and software obsolete. That is obviously anticompetitive and should lead to antitrust lawsuits. Very few people realize how much better WORD would be if it had strong competitors like XyWrite. (Unfortunately no one will have a chance to try XyWrite.) But Microsoft carefully prevents this forcing everyone to use a poor wordprocessor.

Perhaps the next administration will sue much improving current software.


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