The stunning naivete of the Supreme Court and its contempt for basic constitutional principles

The Morse v. Frederick case emphasizes that not only the Supreme Court but a large part of the country believes that we must teach future citizens contempt for the constitution and for other people.  The action of the governmental authorities — an educator! —, punishing a teen-ager for expression, clearly violates the first amendment, one of the most fundamental and necessary principles of our country. But so what. It is only a teen-ager. What does this teach? There is nothing wrong with showing contempt for and violating other people’s rights, and showing contempt for our basic constitutional principles if you can get away with it. With teen-agers that is possible. What is the educational system teaching? Not that it is acceptable to show contempt for teen-agers but to show contempt for people, and for the basic principles of our country. That is what we want children to grow up believing. Certainly the Supreme Court does.

But of course if statements can be construed to apply to drugs then the constitution does not apply.  What is so striking is that the Supreme Court believes an ambiguous sign will increase drug use. People become addicts for deep psychological reasons. To believe that a weird sign can cause addiction makes the drug problem into a farce (and makes the Supreme Court also). Don’t the justices care about being laughed at? Could it really be that justices are so wrapped up in their own fantasies that they really believe that? If so then they, not only drug addicts, badly need professional help, and soon. This makes it clear why we have such a severe (not only) drug problem, and why our thinking is so messed up causing so much harm.


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