The stem cell veto

The veto by George Bush of the bill to allow more research with stem cells was clearly an attempt to please his base, no matter what the consequences, no matter what the harm, no matter what the suffering. His base of course consists of those who believe that life consists of only one thing: sex. He stated that the US is “founded on the principle that all human life is sacred”. This implies that he will immediately pull out of Iraq. (Thanks to Robert L. Park for suggesting this.) How can he say this and still continue a hopeless war killing thousands of people? Actually it is quite simple. The thousands of soldiers, the thousands of Iraqis, have no sexual significance, thus they are not real human life, certainly religious people would never regard them as such. And Bush represents those who believe human life is of no value unless it involves sex in some way. Those dying of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, those tortured by severe pain, children who are sick, who are dying, those with the tremendous emotional and financial burdens of caring for the sick, the dying, they have no value. They have nothing to do with sex. Why should anyone possibly care about them? But a single fertilized cell has great sexual significance so it is sacred. How can anyone consider a sick and dying child, with no sexual connotations, to possibly be of greater value than a cell so clearly intimately related to sex?

An Islamic terrorist bomber (quite religious) has been quoted as saying that they wanted to attack women at a nightclub whom they regarded as promiscuous. They are so obsessed with sex that it drives them to murder. George Bush and his base are undoubtedly quite sympathetic.

Neuroscientists and evolution theorists should try to understand the intimate coupling between religion and sex.

Perhaps the people of the US should be asked whether they agree with their President, and conservative religious people, that sex is more important than people’s lives.


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