What can be done about tobacco use?

There is a way to eventually reduce smoking to a very small minimum: nationalize the tobacco industry. Its officials have a fiduciary responsibility to increase profits, that is a fiduciary responsibility to kill people, to lure children to their deaths. Thus they must market death and attempts to reduce smoking have to fight this. That makes it very difficult. The aim of a nationalized industry would be to decrease smoking and tobacco use in general. This will take time as many are addicted. But certainly we should aim to prevent children from becoming addicted. The prices of tobacco products should be increased steadily. It is difficult to do all this immediately since so many are addicted. They should be provided much help to quit.

Cigarette packages are attractive. Would people smoke less if the packages were ugly, dirtyish browns or grays with “US Government, tobacco products authority” at the top? The complete set
of ingredients should be listed on the front (people react negatively to strange chemical names; how many people would feel uncomfortable drinking dihydrogen oxide?). Also on the front should be a list of “carcinogens (cancer-causing agents)”, plus amounts of radioactivity in each cigarette. Would that make smokers uncomfortable? Teen-agers start smoking as a form of rebellion. Would they want to do so by buying a package labeled “US Government”?

It is not hopeless. Much can be done. And it should not be difficult. Try
getting people to eat less.

But it is essential that the authorities gain complete control so they can do everything to help people quit, and especially to prevent them from starting. This means taking control of the industry. This should not be costly. A bill should be introduced nationalizing the industry with compensation based on the stock prices on the day the bill is introduced. People will realize that is the highest price they will get thus forcing the price down. Then the bill can be amended to set the price at what it is on the day the amendment is introduced, and so on. This will greatly reduce the cost of nationalization. And it should be done soon. People are dying.


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