Children’s health insurance

George Bush is strongly opposed to extension of children’s health insurance.  It is clear why. That would hurt the profits of the insurance industry. After all what kind of warped set of values would regard children’s lives as more important than industry profits?

It is interesting that the Republicans are strongly opposed to extension of children’s health insurance. They are also opposed to gun control and abortion. Republicans insist that children must be born so that they can die of curable diseases or be shot to death. That is what they mean by pro-life. Abortion has sexual connotations so Republicans and religious people are obsessed with it. But after children are born they no longer have sexual connotations so their health and lives have no value. Why should religious people be concerned by children with no sexual connotation? Children who are already born can die. Religious people, Republicans, don’t care. Why should they? There is no sex involved. Thus it is expected that George Bush doesn’t care about children either. Let them die. Insurance industry profits are clearly far more important.


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